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Performance Lab Caffeine Plus: Is This Really “Coffee 2.0”?

Everyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE coffee. I can’t get enough of that tasty hot beverage.

However, here are some of the reasons why I started looking at alternatives:

  • it’s just not efficient to keep buying or making yourself a cup of coffee every time you want a lil’ energy boost.
  • And as all other coffee lovers will know, drinking too much coffee will lead to the dreaded energy crash.

Sooo…after doing some research into “Caffeine Pills”, I found a completely natural caffeine supplement by Performance Lab called Caffeine+.

Performance Lab Caffeine+ claims to deliver “Ultramodern stimulation for precision and performance”.

You gotta admit, it sounds pretty cool. So I bought myself a bottle and started testing it out.

Obviously, I’ll be giving you my full experience and thoughts in my Performance Lab Caffeine+ Review, right here on MonicaNelsonFitness.

Don’t worry, I know some of you won’t want to read through everything.

For those that want a quick answer, I’ll start by giving you a quick summary just below, before diving into the full details of Performance Lab Caffeine+.

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Quick Summary: Performance Lab Caffeine+ Is My Favorite “Caffeine Pill”

I tested this out for a period of 4 months overall.

I still enjoyed my morning coffee throughout this time, but I started taking a dosage of Performance Lab Caffeine+ when I’d usually make myself another cup of coffee at around lunchtime.

Performance Lab Caffeine+ Contains A Sensible Dosage of Caffeine

The good news is that Performance Lab Caffeine+ doesn’t contain ridiculous amounts of caffeine.

So I never felt like I was going to suffer from jittery side effects or energy crashes, even after my morning coffee.

Even better, I felt more ‘zoned in’ while doing work such as creating meal plans and workout routines for clients, as well as feeling energized. Definitely more so than I do when just drinking coffee.

I felt Improvements to my Cognition

This is due to this advanced caffeine pill containing the ‘smart-caffeine’ combo of Caffeine & L-Theanine, as well as L-Tyrosine.

The above are 3 ingredients that have proven to help improve your cognition (focus, concentration and memory) in tons of clinical studies.

I even started taking it as a ‘pre-workout’

It’s actually replaced my other pre-workout that I was using now. Performance Lab Caffeine+ has provided me with clean energy boosts and enhanced focus in the gym (for mind-muscle-connection) that is enough to improve my workouts – without risking keeping me up at night.

So I like that there’s tons of different ways to use Performance Lab Caffeine+ to suit different situations/lifestyles – it’s also 100% vegan friendly too.

All in all, I’m definitely going to continue using this advanced stimulant.

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The best deal currently on offer is the “3 Month Supply + 1 Box Free” deal, which gives you 4 boxes for the price of 3 (exactly the same deal as I took advantage of).

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Performance Lab Caffeine+ Ingredients

Now that I’ve given you my quick summary, let’s move onto the detailed analysis of the ingredients in Performance Lab Caffeine+.

After all, it’s inside what counts…am I right?!

It really is important to know what’s in a supplement before you pop a pill to:

  • Ensure that you’re going to be safe, mainly.
  • But also to make sure you’re not wasting your cash on useless supplements.

So, take a look at exactly what’s found on Performance Lab Caffeine Plus’ supplement facts label:

The supplement facts label showing the ingredients found in Performance Lab Stim for review
The supplement facts label showing the exact ingredients in Performance Lab Caffeine+

Caffeine – 50mg

In terms of providing the energy boost we all want from a caffeine supplement, the star attraction is obviously…caffeine.

I don’t need to tell you the benefits that caffeine offers (eg. energy boosts).

But when thinking about taking a caffeine supplement, it’s vital to check the amount of caffeine per serving.

Remember, consuming too much caffeine at once can cause energy crashes and jittery side effects. 

How much is “too much”?

The answer depends on your tolerance to caffeine; people who drink more coffee or tea per day will have built up more tolerance to caffeine, so they will be able to consume larger amounts than those with a lower tolerance.

For me, I consider anything over 75mg caffeine per serving to be overkill.

I wouldn’t drink coffee on the same day if I was to take a supplement containing 75mg+ caffeine content.

As a result, the 50mg Caffeine in Performance Lab Caffeine+ is a real ‘sweet spot’ for me.

I believe, in my honest opinon, that anyone will still be able to enjoy a morning coffee and safely consume an additional 50mg caffeine afterwards.

L-Theanine – 100mg

To quickly summarize what L-Theanine is, it’s an amino acid naturally found in green tea that has shown to decrease anxiety and stress levels, while also being able to improve your mood.

I briefly mentioned earlier in this Performance Lab Caffeine+ Review that L-Theanine works in synergy with Caffeine to form what’s known as ‘smart-caffeine’.

This combo has shown to enhance the benefits of caffeine, while keeping you safe from any side effects; this results in cleaner energy boosts without any peaks and drops in energy levels.

What I’m even more impressed about is that Performance Lab have paid a premium to include the patented form of L-Theanine in Caffeine+, called Suntheanine®. This is one indication that they haven’t cut any corners, leading to customers getting better value for their money.

L-Tyrosine – 250mg

Most people won’t know what ‘nootropic ingredients’ are. So let me explain…

L-Tyrosine is considered to be in a class of ingredients called ‘nootropics’; these are ingredients that have proven to be capable of improving your cognition in clinical studies.

The inclusion of L-Tyrosine is one of the reasons why I consider Performance Lab Caffeine+ to be ‘Coffee 2.0’ – it offers way more benefits than normal coffee would. Or any other caffeine pill that I’ve seen on the market, for that matter.

It’s also one of the reasons why this caffeine supplement can help a wide variety of people. I take this before a workout and when I need to concentrate more at work, making it a very versatile supplement.

I wouldn’t take any other pre-workout supplement while at work, because they lack nootropic ingredients. And the majority are overloaded with caffeine (upwards of 200mg Caffeine per serving) so they would send me through the roof!

Vitamin B-Complex

You might not be aware, but consuming caffeine can deplete your B-Vitamins and leave you compromised in terms of mental performance.

That’s why simply loading up on coffee each day isn’t actually the best idea.

So we’re super impressed that Performance Lab Caffeine+ contains essential B-Vitamins that have shown to be depleted by caffeine intake:

  • (Riboflavin) Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • (Folate) Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12

This ensures that while you are consuming the caffeine in Performance Lab Caffeine+, the same product helps restore your B-Vitamins to keep you performing at your best mentally.

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Performance Lab Caffeine+ Side Effects

As mentioned earlier in this review, I didn’t experience any side effects while taking Performance Lab Caffeine+.

I believe this is because it doesn’t contain an overload of caffeine per serving; the 50mg caffeine per serving in Performance Lab Caffeine+ is very sensible, while still offering consumers the benefits you’d want (energy boosts and enhanced focus).

This is one of the main reasons why I continue to take this caffeine supplement.

However, that doesn’t mean you should take dozens of servings of Performance Lab Caffeine+ in one day. Be safe and start by taking 1 serving daily, then assess your caffeine tolerance.

Where to Buy Performance Lab Caffeine+

I have some slightly bad news if you’re one of those people who buys everything from Amazon…you can’t legitimately buy Performance Lab Caffeine+ on Amazon or any other 3rd party retailer.

I asked Performance Lab’s customer service team and they said that this is because they want to keep control of the customer experience. For example, if someone wants a refund, they’ll be able to handle it directly rather than relying on 3rd party customer service.

I haven’t had to ask for any refunds from Performance Lab, but after receiving great and detailed responses from their customer service team, I am very confident that they’d deliver the goods and leave all customers very happy.

Performance Lab Caffeine+ Review: Moni’s Final Verdict

What can I say? I’m very pleased I found out about this advanced caffeine supplement.

I actually refer to it as “Coffee 2.0” to all my friends and clients now, because I believe it offers double the benefits than simply drinking coffee:

  • Cleaner energy boosts – without peaks or drops that you sometimes get with coffee.
  • Enhanced focus – while caffeine in coffee does help you focus better, Performance Lab Caffeine+ contains proven nootropic ingredients as well as caffeine.
  • Replenishment of B-Vitamins – this supplement provides your body with the B-Vitamins that caffeine has shown to deplete.
  • No jittery side effects – due to L-Theanine combining with caffeine, you’ll stay safe from jitters while taking Performance Lab Caffeine+.

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