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Check out my complete Performance Lab PL-Immune Review for an in-depth look at its price, ingredients, and more!

Yup, we’ve all been there. You wake up feeling a little under the weather and by late afternoon you’re still just as sick – if not worse!  

The thing is that sometimes your immune system needs some help to get back on its feet again. That’s why many people turn to immune supplements to do whatever it takes to feel better.

Just one of them goes by the name of PL-Immune™, an immune support formula that claims to provide broad-range support so your body can defend itself against complex immune challenges.

But does this supplement live up to the hype? Or are you better off spending your hard-earned pennies elsewhere?

Read on for a closer look at this advanced immune support supplement. I’ll cover its price, ingredients, how it works, and much more in my complete Performance Lab PL-Immune review below!


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Performance Lab PL-Immune Review – A Quick Summary

Our immune systems are always working to protect us, but stress, toxins, and other environmental factors can easily overwhelm us.

Because of weakened defenses, we may experience less than optimal health and performance. Ultimately, this can prevent us from performing even the simplest of tasks, let alone athletes who need to train hard daily. 

Luckily, Performance Lab PL-Immune is formulated with ingredients that help support the body’s natural defenses against pathogens and harmful substances while also helping to increase the number & activity of immune cells in your body.

Featuring the unique probiotic LC-Plasma (IMMUSE™), Setria® Glutathione, and essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Zinc, PL-Immune’s formula does more than typical immune supplements, ensuring:

  • Heightened immune system function to fight complex seasonal challenges
  • Broad-range support to address many immune concerns throughout the year
  • Enhanced work productivity and exercise performance via overall immune wellness

As if it couldn’t get any better, PL-Immune follows in the footsteps of other supplements in the Performance Lab range by using 100% plant-based, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® made from pullulan (fermented tapioca).

Sounds good, right?!

But suppose you want to find out more about the ingredients you’ll find in PL-Immune. In that case, continue reading as that’s exactly what the next section is all about!

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Performance Lab PL-Immune Ingredients


Vitamin D (from a culture of L. bulgaricus via NutriGenesis®)—1000 IU

NutriGenesis® Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting both innate and adaptive immune responses. It does this by enhancing the antimicrobial effects of immune cells, while also limiting the proliferation of certain immune cells.

And when you consider that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause side effects such as fatigue, bone pain, and muscle weakness, it’s important to consume an adequate amount daily.

Vitamin C (from a culture of L. bulgaricus via NutriGenesis®)—30 mg

You probably already know how important Vitamin C is for your overall health and wellbeing, and this includes the role it plays in supporting a healthy immune system.

And while a deficiency in this vitamin is rare, it’s always a good idea to keep your intake topped up so you can provide your body with the robust immune defenses it needs to fend off any intruders that may enter your system.

Selenium (from a culture of S. cerevisiae via NutriGenesis®)—25 mcg

Given that selenium strengthens natural defenses, it’s easy to see why the folks over at Performance Lab included this vital nutrient in PL-Immune.

NutriGenesis® Selenium goes hand in hand with PL-Immune™ L-Glutathione, resulting in 2X immune-defending super-antioxidant activity, while it also regulates immune cell activity by forming selenoproteins required for healthy function, production, and activity of immune NK cells and T-cells.

Zinc (from a culture of L. bulgaricus via NutriGenesis®)—5 mg

A deficiency in zinc is one of the most common, with many of us not getting enough daily. But when you consider that a zinc deficiency can suppress your immune system and skew immune cell activity, it’s vital you get enough each day.

Those who supplement zinc can not only help improve NK cell activity but also allow T-cells to grow, activate, and function properly.

Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (IMMUSE – Paraprobiotic*)—50 mg

Typical lactic acid probiotics such as those found in yogurts can support immune system health by activating Natural Killer (NK) cells.

And while this is a good start for boosting your immune system, LC-Plasma goes a step further. It stimulates pDC, otherwise known as plasmacytoid dendritic cells – the leader of the immune system.

As a result, IMMUSE™ can provide broad-range immune support that covers 4 different immune cells:

  • NK Cells
  • Killer T-Cells
  • Helper T-Cells
  • B Cells

Setria® Glutathione—250 mg

The organic protein glutathione is undoubtedly one of the most important antioxidants in the body for human health. Research suggests it can increase the numbers of T-cells, stimulate the production of NK cells, and support immune cells’ normal antibody responses, among many other things.

And given that it can also help to maintain gut lining integrity, it makes a fantastic addition to the PL-Immune formula, with PL-Immune™ Setria® Glutathione also being the only glutathione clinically proven to support your immune system and raise glutathione levels in the bloodstream.

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Does Performance Lab PL-Immune Have Any Side Effects?

One of the many benefits of the Performance Lab range is that all of its products contain only safe and natural ingredients.

PL-Immune is no exception!

All of its ingredients are science-backed and provide the perfect combination for boosting your natural immune response.

And since PL-Immune is vegan-friendly, contains no allergens including soy, egg, fish, dairy, and gluten, is banned substance tested, and Non-GMO, the likelihood of any side effects is incredibly slim.

But if you have any concerns, I’d recommend speaking to your doctor before taking this supplement.

That way, you can rest safe knowing that the supplement you’re taking won’t cause any adverse reactions.

Where to Buy Performance Lab PL-Immune

One bottle of PL-Immune comes in at $49, which may sound a little steep for some. Although, you can bring the cost down to just $36.75 per bottle with the bulk-buy offer consisting of four bottles for $147 (including one free), which is a fantastic saving!

For all you Amazon and eBay fans out there, I’m afraid that you won’t find Performance Lab PL-Immune for sale via either online marketplace, or anywhere else online other than the official Performance Lab website.

But after speaking to the brand’s customer support team, they have advised me this is for quality assurance.

Luckily, Performance Lab ships all its products fast, anywhere in the world. And for all orders over $100, this comes at no additional cost!

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Performance Lab PL-Immune Review: Moni’s Final Verdict

That brings my complete review of Performance Lab’s PL-Immune to an end.

To sum things up, I’d say its ultramodern design provides an ideal level of support for your natural immune function. This makes it makes the perfect partner for the best vegan multivitamin for women – NutriGenesis Multi for Women.

Overall, it’s safe to say that even the healthiest people can have immune challenges.

Our bodies are designed to defend against invasion, but sometimes our defenses weaken for one reason or another.

And when your body is fighting an imbalance or infection, it’s hard to focus on training and getting better results. It’s also difficult to feel good when you’re lacking the energy needed to get through your day.

That’s where Performance Lab® PL-Immune™ comes in – activating immune cells so they can coordinate, multiply, and perform at their best!

Performance Lab® PL-Immune™ was developed with one goal in mind—to provide broad-range support you can rely on.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your natural immune response with a dynamic probiotic and antioxidant stack, get your hands on PL-Immune today!

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