Can I Take MCT Oil on an Empty Stomach?

Last Updated on September 2, 2020 by Monica Nelson

If you’re fasting or intermittent fasting, then you’ll know to be careful with consuming things that can break your fast. Many like to include MCT Oil to provide them with energy and healthy fats.

But the question remains: can you take MCT Oil on an empty stomach without any side effects or breaking your fast?

I’ll answer exactly this in our article here…

Taking MCT Oil on an Empty Stomach: Good or Bad?

I’m not here to waste your time, so we’ll get straight into it with the answer to your search query.

Most people should tolerate MCT Oil just fine. It wouldn’t be so popular if it was known to cause side effects, after all.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone will be able to take MCT Oil without any negative effects while on am empty stomach. Not only that, if you’ve just added MCT Oil to your diet, then you may have light discomfort due to simply having a new food source in your body.

The good news is that “light discomfort” is simply your body rejecting it in the form of loose stool. So worse case scenario, you’ll sit on the toilet for a few minutes.

Bottom Line: MCT Oil hasn’t resulted in any serious side effects in clinical studies when taken on an empty stomach. In fact, one study suggested that there was no more risk with MCT than there is consuming Olive Oil [1]. So it’s likely you’ll be safe and tolerate MCT Oil okay on an empty stomach – or if you consume too much at once, you may find yourself sitting on the toilet, worst case scenario.

How Much MCT Oil is “Too Much” To Take at Once on an Empty Stomach?

A woman showing a heart symbol taking MCT Oil on an empty stomach

I just mentioned that MCT Oil has been well tolerated by most subjects in clinical studies. As well as the worst case scenario simply being you sat on the toilet with loose stools if you take too much.

But how much is “too much?”

Well, in one study, health male and female participants consumed 30 grams of MCT Oil per 2000 calories daily [2]. The results showed that MCT Oil was well tolerated with no adverse side effects.

The average normal serving size of MCT Oil is around 15 ml (roughly 13-14 grams), so one or two servings of MCT Oil daily isn’t likely to cause side effects in most individuals.

Recommendation for Use of MCT Oil While Fasted

As with anything supplement, you don’t want to take tons of it on your first time using it. For example, if you’re consuming a fat burner containing caffeine, you don’t want to take a “full hit” to begin with, in case you experience jittery side effects.

With MCT Oil, there isn’t any risk of jitters. But as mentioned, taking too much at once may lead to light stomach discomfort, thus leading you to poop.

As a result, I recommend that you begin with just the one serving per day of MCT Oil to begin with. This should be enough for most people, but if you do decide to take more than one serving then at least you’ll know that your body tolerates it well.


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