Best Caffeine Pills for Running 2020

Caffeine is one of the most commonly used commodities in the world. From coffee and tea to supplements and pills. This is many people’s favorite stimulant to help boost their energy levels and motivation for a run.

But there are tons of caffeine supplements out there to choose from. So the question is: “which is the caffeine pill for running?”

The good news is that you’re in exactly the right place to find out.

Running is one of my all-time favorite ways to implement cardio into my training plan. And I’ve tried and tested dozens of different products over the years.

So save yourself some time and money by checking out my #1 recommendation below…

My Favorite Caffeine Pill for Running:
Performance Lab Stim

A bottle of Performance Lab's caffeine pill called Stim

  • Increased energy and motivation levels – defeat tired-days with energy boosts without worrying about crashes that you’ve experienced with other caffeine pills.
  • Keep your body optimally fueled – Stim contains B-Vitamins in the exact amounts that caffeine has shown to deplete them, keeping your body refreshed with nutrients.
  • Stay focused on your goal and not fatigue – keep your mind focused on the finish line with proven nootropics included in Stim’s formula.
  • Avoid jitters and other side effects – a sensible but effective dosage of caffeine keeps you safe, with the added L-Theanine ensuring you avoid any side effects associated with caffeine over consumption.

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Quick Summary

We all have long shifts at work or those days when we just don’t have the energy or motivation to go for a run. Whether that’s in a gym on a treadmill or outside.

Usually, though, caffeine pills contain wayyy too much caffeine to take in the evenings. Some products I’ve seen contain over 200 mg of this stimulant!

Performance Lab Stim keeps things safe and sensible – but effective. In prebiotic infused capsules to help improve digestive comfort.

With 50 mg natural caffeine per serving, aided by the addition of L-Theanine which has proven to reduce risks of jitters and deliver “calmer, cleaner” energy boosts. This dosage even means those more tolerant to caffeine can safely take a double serving (100 mg overall) too – keeping you well in control of your intake at all times.

What really impressed me was the addition of B-Vitamins in the exact dosages that caffeine has shown to deplete them by. This goes to show how much research has gone into creating Performance Lab Stim.

In a nutshell, it’s by far the cleanest and most effective caffeine supplement we’ve tried over the years.

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Read my Full Performance Lab Stim Review

Is Caffeine Good for Runners?

An athletic man running on a race track

This is an interesting question that I thought I’d answer using my experience in fitness and personal training (as well as enjoying running half-marathons…I’m not quite at full marathon level, though!).

First, let’s answer the question of whether caffeine is effective in helping runners.

Do Caffeine Pills Actually Work?

There’s simply no denying that caffeine “works” in increasing energy levels. All you have to do is drink a cup of coffee to see that it delivers this benefit.

However, not every supplement is actually good or useful for runners. And too much of a good thing can result in bad results – this is especially true with caffeine.

If you’ve ever consumed one too many cups of coffee before, you’ll know what we mean. Jittery side effects, feeling anxious, resulting you feeling exhausted after the inevitable energy crash.

How Much Caffeine Should Runners Have?

If you take 50 mg caffeine before a run, then it’s going to give you a slight edge without causing any issues.

For those more tolerant to this stimulant, you could even take a double serving of a 50 mg caffeine per serving supplement (to intake 100 mg overall) and experience benefits without side effects.

On the otherhand, take 150 mg or more caffeine and your putting yourself more at risk of jittery side effects (in my personal experience and honest opinion). So while it’s said to be safe to consume up to 400 mg caffeine per day, we wouldn’t recommend purposefully going near that figure on a regular basis or risk impairing your sleep.

As mentioned, you might be surprised to see how little options you have with caffeine pills that contain lower dosages of 75mg or under. That’s why I like having products containing 50 mg caffeine – to stay fully in control of my caffeine intake, without being forced to take more each time I want a slight “kick” before I go running.

How Long Does It Take for a Caffeine Pill to Kick In?

Drink a cup of coffee and see how long it takes you to feel the effects. It’s usually around 10 minutes and studies have confirmed this to be true.

In terms of caffeine products, a study found that the time for caffeine to take effect was around 10-15 minutes [1].

As a result, you should aim to take caffeine pills around 15 minutes before you plan on going running to experience the most benefits.

The Science Behind Consuming Coffee Before a Run

A women running on a treadmill in the gym after taking some caffeine pills

Congratulations, you’ve read through a lot of this article already. Enough to get to…the boring science part.

I’m kidding of course. I find the science behind how things work super interesting. But I realize many don’t, so i’ll add a quick “bottom line” bit just below now…

Countless Clinical Studies Show that Caffeine Improves Running Performance and Endurance

That’s the answer we’ve given you above. And it’s true.

One study conducted by J D Wiles titled “Effect of caffeinated coffee on running speed, respiratory factors, blood lactate and perceived exertion during 1500-m treadmill running” [2] proved exactly this.

The sport scientists analyzed the performance of human subjects running on a treadmill over a distance of 1500 meters. Some were given caffeine and others were given a placebo (in a double-blind test).

The results were that the subjects given caffeine improved their running performance by decreasing their time taken to run 1500m. This basically led the scientists to state caffeine “could enhance the performance of sustained high-intensity exercise” – a pretty strong statement.


If you’re a keen runner looking to get an edge over the competition, or simply improve on your personal records, then a caffeine pill (containing sensible doses of caffeine) can help improve your performance.

Even for daily uses if you’re looking for coffee alternatives to keep your energy levels up, a caffeine supplement can be useful. Especially if you find one that contains nootropic ingredients.

For me, Performance Lab Stim ticks all boxes; it’s the cleanest and highest quality caffeine supplement I’ve tried and tested on the market.

Performance Lab Stim bottle

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